Tofu Scramble

Everyone has their own preferred way of making tofu scramble. In my opinion, a tofu scramble shouldn't attempt to emulate eggs, but it should serve the same purpose -- hearty, proteinaceous, savory, good on breakfast sandwiches. I've recently gotten into making my own tofu, and I saw somewhere the idea of using chickpea flour in a tofu scramble. I have a TON of chickpea flour for some reason, I use the stuff all the time because I love the flavor, so I tried it out and it became my weekly go-to for work breakfast/lunches. The chickpea flour batter coats the tofu, adding flavor and richness, and cooks up basically just like scrambled eggs in the pan.

Tools needed

Just mixing bowls and a nonstick frying pan. A silicone spatula will be very helpful dealing with the batter as it does get sticky.



Serve. I like it on a tortilla with hot sauce.



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