Miso Soup

or, weird ripoff miso soup for during quarantine when you can't get good ingredients because you can't go to the grocery store so you have to make do with what you can order online or get delivered from the convenience store, and also you've been watching too much Midnight Diner and the intro shows the Master making this soup and playing a mournful song, and the way he stirs the miso into the soup with his chopsticks feels utterly filled with solemn ceremony in a beautiful way.

Please do keep in mind that this is kind of a struggle recipe, is all i mean to say.


Only one pot needed but you will want to use a good-sized soup pot with a wide base. I used my dutch oven, which was obviously overkill (it's just fun to use) and it didn't work that well because the bottom is not very flat, so a flat bottom probably is best.

Prepare dashi stock and wakame seaweed before starting (according to package directions)



Other things that would be good to add


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